How to Convert a User App into a System App?

Converting a user app into system app isn’t possible by default but with help of Lucky Patcher, you can easily convert any of the user app into system app. The advantage of system apps is that they have special privileges just like other pre installed apps and no one will be able to remove those apps once they become system apps. Before you proceed any further you need to have a rooted Android device in order to make this work. Lucky Patcher does work on non-rooted Android devices, but to convert a user app into system app, Lucky Patcher needs to have root access.

How to Convert a User App into a System App with Lucky Patcher?

  1. Open Lucky Patcher.
  2. Tap on the user application that you want to convert as a system application.
  3. Tap on Tools.
  4. Now, tap on Move to /system/apps.
  5. Confirm the conversion of the app.
  6. The process will now start and Lucky Patcher will  now start to convert the selected app to system app.
  7. Lucky Patcher will now ask you to reboot. Tap on Yes.
  8. After the reboot, the selected user app would now have been converted to the system app.

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