How To Change App Permissions?

Being an extremely useful tool, Lucky Patcher has a lot of different functions and these functions make it easier for developers to get things done without doing much. One of such functions is the ability to change the app permissions, which isn’t an easy thing to do, but with the help of Lucky Patcher you can get it done in just a few seconds. Lucky Patcher makes it easy for anyone to change the app permissions of any given app.

How To Change App Permissions with Lucky Patcher?

Lucky Patcher lets you create a modified APK of any app/game on Android and change the App Permissions. This allows you to change the permissions of the app and enable or disable different app permissions of the app. Follow this guide to change the app permissions using Lucky Patcher.

  1. Open Lucky Patcher.
  2. Tap on the app for which you want to change the app permissions.
  3. Tap on Menu of Patches > Create Modified APK File.
  4. Tap on APK with changed Permissions and Activities.
  5. A list of different app permissions will show up. You can tap on the permissions to enable or disable them. (Red: Disabled, Green: Enabled).
  6. Tap on Rebuild The App.
  7. Lucky Patcher will begin the process of creating a modified APK.
  8. You can then install the modified APK to see if it works or not.

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