Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Lucky Patcher?
    Lucky Patcher is an android utility tool that allows developers and sophisticated android users test various functionality of apps and games. If offers a wide variety of modification and patches mostly used to test beta version of applications.
  2. Who developed Lucky Patcher?
    It is developed by ChelpuS (about).
  3. What all platforms is the app available on?
    Currently it is only available for Android OS.
  4. Do I require a rooted device for it to work?
    While the app developer recommends to use in a rooted device, LP works great in non-rooted devices.
  5. The original app works fine but modified-apk doesn’t, why?
    LP don’t guarantee that the modified-app form will work since some apps are protected from modification. You will tend to have greater luck with patching than with modifiying.
  6. Where can I get custom patches and how do I apply them?
    We have a full guide, learn here.
  7. How can I contact ChelpuS?
    Email: lp.chelpus(a)