How To Create a Modified APK?

Lucky Patcher is an extremely useful app that lets you have some additional features of the apps and games that are locked by default and need to be purchased. The app is actually meant for developers to find new features in the apps and implement them in our own apps. One of such feature is … Read more

How To Download & Import Custom Patches?

Lucky Patcher lets you use the hidden and locked features of the apps by modifying the APK of the apps, due to which you can easily try out the new features. It is very useful, especially for people who want to try out the features. To create a modified APK of an app, Lucky Patcher … Read more

How To Apply a Custom Patch?

Lucky Patcher is a very useful app has a lot of different features and tools to offer, that require you to have some knowledge and understanding about how about apps works and is mostly meant for the people who are trying to add new features to their apps without having to make any purchases. There … Read more

How To Remove License Verification on Android?

Lucky Patcher has a variety of tools for Android Applications, all of which has a different function and provide you with extra features. These tools are meant for developers mostly who are looking to try out different apps y removing all the restrictions from the apps to inspect the new features of the apps. One … Read more

How To Create Backup APK File?

Creating a backup APK is useful in case you want to apply a custom patch or remove license verification using Lucky Patcher. In that case, the modified APK may or may not work and it is useful to have a backup APK of the app available when the modified APK fails to work. How To … Read more

How To Change App Permissions?

Being an extremely useful tool, Lucky Patcher has a lot of different functions and these functions make it easier for developers to get things done without doing much. One of such functions is the ability to change the app permissions, which isn’t an easy thing to do, but with the help of Lucky Patcher you … Read more

How to Convert a User App into a System App?

Converting a user app into system app isn’t possible by default but with help of Lucky Patcher, you can easily convert any of the user app into system app. The advantage of system apps is that they have special privileges just like other pre installed apps and no one will be able to remove those … Read more